Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cromartie signs with the Cardinals: What this means for the Jets

Very simply put, they're moving on.

Over the last two weeks of free agency the Jets have missed out on bringing in a handful of top cornerbacks including ex-Jet Darrelle Revis and veteran Antonio Cromartie after he signed a one year deal with the Arizona Cardinals. This leaves them with the shaky Kyle Wilson and Dee Milliner as their #1 and #2 cornerbacks. Assuming Kyle Wilson didn't miraculously improve at his respective position, this would mean they may put all their trust into the improvement of Milliner. 

What does this mean for Jets fans? Don't freak out. Milliner began the season injury plagued and missing valuable practice time. You better believe that this contributed to his rocky start at the beginning of the season. After being continuously burned off the line and getting benched for it, Milliner stepped his game up for the last stretch of the season and even managed to grab the AFC Defensive Player of the Week award after his week 17 performance against the Dolphins. Over the last 2 games of the season Milliner picked off 3 passes, 1 against the Browns in week 16 and 2 against Miami to knock them out of the playoffs in week 17. Even more impressive was that he was lined up against Josh Gordon and Mike Wallace during that two game span which may lead you to believe that they were readying Milliner to take the #1 spot. To add onto that, Milliner finished the season tied for 9th in passes defended (17) even after missing 3 games, ahead of players like Richard Sherman, Aqib Talib and DRC. There's a reason Dee was last years top rated cornerback going into the draft and he showed why towards the end of the season.

Want me to shed some more light? Kyle Wilson was one of the best nickel corners in all of the NFL. Not only that, but Wilson was the best corner in the Jets secondary while still having to cover the toughest position to line up against. He led the Jets by giving up the fewest receptions, TDs and the lowest completion percentage. BUT this does not exactly translate to becoming a CB2 because of the difference in playstyle. Don't expect the Jets to plan on moving him out there. They'll try hard to get someone to put on the outside in order to leave Wilson on the slot man.

What I can imagine the Jets doing to try and prepare their secondary for 2014 is to go after a CB to accompany Milliner and Wilson early in the draft. This years draft is VERY strong at the WR position which means that many defensive players could potentially fall well past their projected spot. Now this can mean one of two things: A) the Jets fill a WR hole with the 18th pick and address the CB position in the 2nd or 3rd rounds, or B) they fill a CB hole if a guy like Darqueze Dennard or Justin Gilbert fall to their pick and fill the WR position in the 2nd round. Now both of these seem like possibilities, but if there is one thing I've learned about John Idzik this offseason, it would be that us Jet fans are better off not trying to predict his moves.

One more thing Jet fans, quit saying that the strongest part of your defense (the secondary) is now your weakest point. In 2013, the Jets were 22nd in passing yards allowed per game and 19th in passing TDs allowed. Antonio Cromartie was consistently burned off the line, committed a wealth of pass interference calls, and was an all around average CB last year. If anything, it is better off that he finally ended up elsewhere. Maybe back in 2009 the secondary was the strong point of the Jets defense, but now it's time to change your focus to the 'Sons of Anarchy' on your D-Line.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills: Sunday 1:00PM ET

The New York Jets (5-4) come off of their bye week to go into Buffalo to play the Bills (3-7) this Sunday afternoon at 1PM ET. The Bills lost to the Jets 27-20 in week 3 and look to try and take the second, and last faceoff of the season. The Bills rookie quarterback EJ Manuel is making his second appearance after coming back from a knee injury and a poor game against Pittsburgh last Sunday.

Put pressure on EJ Manuel early:

One of the keys for the Jets is to get the 'sons' (Harrison, Richardson, Wilkerson) working early. Last time these teams faced each other the Jets sacked Manuel 8 times. Getting pressure kept EJ guessing and uncomfortable in the pocket, completing only 19 of his 42 pass attempts. If they can set the tempo early, it can change the passing game for the Bills for the continuation of the game and keep EJ from getting into rhythm.

Get the running game going:

Last time these teams faced off, Bilal Powell rushed for 149 yards off of 27 carries. With Chris Ivory healthy this time and coming off of a huge game, rushing 139 yards with only 18 carries against the Saints, Ivory can have another huge impact on this one. They need to get him around the edge and keep him away from Mario Williams if they wanna pull this one out.

The same goes for the Bills. Buffalo's receiving core is beat up for this game and if they want a chance in this one they need to create some sort of running game, even though that has been a difficult task against the Jets all year. Despite allowing only 73.8 rushing yards/game, Fred Jackson was able to round up 72 yards off 7 carries, gashing them for 59 of those yards up the middle on one missed tackle. Also, even though he hasn't been the player they expected him to be this year, they need to find a way to work CJ Spiller into their gameplan.

Throw the deep ball:

Geno threw for 331 yards and 2 TDs on only 16 completions last time these two went against each other. Smith completed a 51-yard TD to Stephen Hill early in this one and hit Santonio Holmes on another 69-yard TD to seal the game. The Jets haven't let Geno throw deep as of late, but they need to let him in this one. He's shown he's capable of throwing a dime of a deep ball, but he's also shown he's capable of throwing multiple interceptions off the deep ball too. Regardless, he was successful against Buffalo with the deep ball last game and I think they have to let him loose again.


In their last outing, the Jets committed a franchise record 20 penalties for 168 yards. It was the only thing keeping the Bills relevant in this matchup. They need to not let the rivalry get to them and keep level-headed if they want a chance.

New York Jets 24 - Buffalo Bills 13

I think Chris Ivory can come out and have another big game for the Jets and help them to finally overcome their win - lose trend so far this season. If they can get pressure on EJ Manuel throughout the game, they can definitely come out on top and maybe, just maybe, we'll see a turnover from the newly acquired Ed Reed.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

NFL Week 10 Matchups

Thursday Night Football:

Washington vs. Minnesota (8:25PM ET): The Washington Redskins have one of the worst defenses against the run so far this season. That being said, we should see AP keep the Vikings in this game, but I don't see that being enough to take this game. These are two very weak defenses so it'll be a game of offense vs. offense and in the end RG3 will pull his team in front with a comfortable win.

Redskins 30 - Vikings 17

Sunday Football:

Buffalo vs. Pittsburgh (1:00PM ET): EJ Manuel has been cleared and is expected to play this game which should hopefully add a bit more spark to this Bills offense. Manuel hasn't played since week 5 against the Browns, so coming getting back into full form might take more than one game. Taking that into consideration and the fact the Manuel is just a rookie going up against a difficult Steelers defense, I'll take the Steelers in this one.

Bills 14 - Steelers 24

Cincinnati vs. Baltimore (1:00PM ET): After a terrible loss to Miami last week, the Bengals hope to bounceback against the Ravens in week 10. I think we can all agree that this isn't the Ravens team we thought we would have coming into this game, as they also look to bounceback after losing to the Browns last week. Ray Rice is still under-performing along with nearly the entire Baltimore offense. Cincinnati is the clear cut favorites in this one and should take over easily. Watch out for AJ Green in this game.

Bengals 31 - Ravens 10

Detroit vs. Chicago (1:00PM ET): It's beginning to look like Jay Cutler will play in this one which is very good news for the Bears even though Josh McCown didn't look too bad last week. Originally, I expected a blowout here, but the return of Cutler says otherwise. Even without a blowout here, the Lions offense still looks too good to go against in this matchup and I still don't believe Cutler is 100%. Detroit comes out and finally gets a win in Chicago.

Lions 27- Bears 24

Philadelphia vs. Green Bay (1:00PM ET): I thought it was a gift from god that Matt Flynn was waived by the Bills on the same day that ARod went down, but the Packers front office thought otherwise. They've decided to stick with Seneca Wallace and that will be their demise in this one. Lacy will have another big day, but just not big enough.

Eagles 21 - Packers 7

St.Louis vs. Indianapolis (1:00PM ET): With Kellen Clemens still the starter for the Rams, it's not lookin' too good for them. They'll have to rely heavily on Zac Stacy who got the Rams their first 2 rushing TDs this season just last week. We saw last week the even when the Colts are down, they most certainly aren't out, but I don't think they'll have to worry about that this week. 

Rams 13 - Colts 28

Jacksonville vs. Tennessee (1:00PM ET): Luckily Jacksonville fans didn't have to watch their team lose last week, but unfortunately they will have to this week. The Jaguars still look like a terrible team and are now lacking their #1 WR in Justin Blackmon as he is suspended for the rest of the season. CJ2K lit it up last week and I expect him to do it one more time this week. The Titans come out with this one no problem.,

Jaguars 13 - Titans 31

Oakland vs. New York Giants (1:00PM ET): After the 0-6 start, the Giants have won 2 disgusting games in a row, but won't be able to make it 3. Unless something magical happened over the bye week, the Giants are still the team that we thought they were. Andre Brown is finally coming back this week after coming off the IR from a broken leg and he could create a spark in their offense, but it's not enough to make a fire.

Raiders 23 - Giants 17

Seattle vs. Atlanta (1:00PM ET): The Falcons walked away with another 'L' last week after being humiliated by the Panthers. This just isn't the team we thought they would be when the season started and they're in no way capable of handling this Seahawk team. Roddy White should be 100% coming into this week, but he's nothing more than a band-aid on a gunshot wound.

Seahawks 31- Falcons 10

Carolina vs. San Francisco (4:05PM ET): The 49ers are coming off a bye week against a hot Carolina team. I think this should be the best matchup this week and will be a true measurement of how good this Panther team really is. I think they're the real deal and will come out with the upset in this one as long as their defense can keep Kaepernick in the pocket.

Panther 17 - 49ers 10

Denver vs. San Diego (4:25PM ET): Denver's coming off of a bye and is going up against a weak San Diego passing defense, the one thing you don't want when you're facing a man like Peyton Manning. You shouldn't expect anything less than 400 yards and 4 TDs from Peyton this week. Don't worry San Diego, it's not you, it's just Peyton Manning.

Broncos 42 - Chargers 27 

Houston vs. Arizona (4:25PM ET): Case Keenum has proven he can throw the ball when he threw for 350 yards and 3 TDs and 0 INTs against the Colts last week. He faces a true challenge this week when he has to face Patrick Peterson and the rest of the Arizona secondary who is going to force him to throw away from Andre Johnson. If the Texans can stop the running game, I think Keenum can still do the rest. It'll be a close one, but I think Houston can come out on top.

Texans 21 - Cardinals 20

Dallas vs. New Orleans (8:30PM ET): New Orleans is trying to come out and win this after a tough loss against the Jets last week. Rob Ryan faces his former team and if they want to win this, the defense is going to have to put a wide workload in. They're going to have to shut down Dez Bryant while still trying to stop DeMarco Murray in which they had a very tough time against the run last week. If the defense can step up and let the offense do what they do, the Saints can take this one.

Cowboys 24 - Saints 28

Monday Night Football:

Miami vs. Tampa Bay (8:40PM ET): Oh what a thriller... No, really I think this may be a surprisingly good game. Stop laughing. Mike Glennon has added a new dimension to they're offense and they look surprisingly good. Despite that fact they still have yet to come out with their first win. Until Monday. That'll all change Monday night as they go out and give Tannehill a beating and Glennon throws a game winning TD in overtime. 

Dolphins 17 - Buccaneers 23 (OT)

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Night Football Week 9

After an exciting Sunday for week 9, it doesn't end here. We get a great matchup tonight between the Packers and Bears:

Chicago vs. Green Bay (8:30PM ET): Jay Cutler's out this week with a groin injury, so Josh McCown is expected to start. Who? Yeah, 34-year-old Josh McCown will start against the 5-2 Packers tonight. So what's their gameplan? Most likely to keep the ball out of his hands, meaning Matt Forte should get a nice workload tonight. Regardless of their plan of action, I'm expecting a blowout here to be honest. If Cutler was playing, I'd expect a much better outcome and maybe even a win here, but he's not so they're not going to. The only thing that could possibly keep the Bears in this one is if their defense can cause a few turnovers. Chicago is in the bottom half of the league when it comes to passing AND rushing yards allowed this year. With that being said, Rodgers is going to have a field day along with Eddie Lacy. Rodgers will see around 400 yards through the air tonight and Lacy with another 100+ on the ground. Sorry Bears fans....

Bears 17 - Packers 42

Friday, November 1, 2013

NFL Week 9 Sunday Matchups

Kansas City vs. Buffalo (1:00PM ET): Bills are coming off of a blowout against the Saints as we much expected and I don't expect this game to be much different. Expect a busy day for Alex Smith who is going up against the worst passing defense in the league, but that doesn't mean Jamaal Charles will disappear, even though I'm sure Bills fans would love that. Charles will get his share of carries and we should see a gameplan that works Charles even more into the passing game. 

Chiefs 28 - Bills 13

Atlanta vs. Carolina (1:00PM ET): For the first time in Cam Newton's career he has led the Panthers to an over .500 record (4-3) and this week I think he'll lead his team to victory once again over this horrific Falcons team. Newton has dominated against the Falcons in his previous matchups and a weaker defense for Atlanta means a stronger offense for Carolina. Cam will put on a show.

Panthers 32 - Falcons 18

Minnesota vs. Dallas (1:00PM ET): Josh Freeman is expected to start this Sunday against the Cowboys. I was going to stop my reasoning there, but I guess I'll continue. Freeman hasn't thrown above 50% all season so unless they hand the ball to AP 50+ times instead of having Freeman throw the ball 50+ times, they're gonna lose this one.

Dallas 24 - Vikings 10

New Orleans vs. New York Jets (1:00PM ET): Do you hear that noise? It sounds like an UPSET. Jets are coming off of a disgusting 49-9 loss at the hands of Cincinnati, but if the trend continues that means we should see good Geno this week and he'll manage to keep this game close if the defense can step it up. Rex will throw everything at the Saints just so at the end of the game he can shove it in his brothers face once again.

Saints 24 - Jets 27

San Diego vs. Washington (1:00PM ET): These are two weak defenses and two strong offenses. Rivers will have a strong game, but won't be able to keep up with the hot Redskins offense. This game will be a shootout, but Washington will come out victorious.

Chargers 31 - Redskins 38

Tennessee vs. St. Louis (1:00PM ET): The Titans are coming off of a bye week and that means Locker should be 100%. With that being said, Tennessee should come out on top, but don't give up just yet St.Louis fans. The Rams will FINALLY get their first rushing TD of the season. OH GLORY YOU FINALLY DID IT (hopefully).

Titans 21 - Rams 17

Philadelphia vs. Oakland (4:05PM ET): Philly still doesn't have a strong QB situation and a weak defense doesn't help. Pryor will have a good game both throwing and running the ball and help the Raiders come out on top this week.

Eagles 13 - Oakland 23

Tampa Bay vs. Seattle (4:05PM ET): Glennon will really look like a rookie against Seattle. There's no way of avoiding the inevitable here. Seattle will come out on top, but if TB has Revis man up like they should have had him doing all season, the defense might keep them in this one for a bit.

Buccaneers 10 - Seattle 20

Baltimore vs. Cleveland (4:25PM ET): Jason Campbell had a surprisingly good game last week and has a chance to give it to the Ravens this week. Campbell has to throw long, but that's a much easier task when you have guys like Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron on your team. If their defense has a couple of big time stands, I think the Browns can actually come out on top in this one.

Ravens 17 - Browns 23

Pittsburgh vs. New England (4:25PM ET): Even though its week 9, the Patriots offense still hasn't found themselves and that's not a good sign when you go up against a defense like the Steelers. If the offense can keep it together and hopefully get Bell some nice carries, Pitt can come out with an upset.

Steelers 23 - Patriots 20

Indianapolis vs. Houston (8:30PM ET): The Colts should have no problem wrapping up this game, but don't be surprised if Case Keenum keeps the Texans in this game. The Indy pass defense hasn't been too strong the last couple of weeks and Keenum can throw the ball pretty damn well. Luck keeps the game in his hands in the end.

Colts 27 - Texans 20 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Fanduel Week 9 'Land of the Lost' Values

There are a surprising of matchups that I like this week, but I guess I'll have to cut it down to a few of my favorite values for week 9:


Jake Locker ($6,700, TEN): After putting up some nice numbers against a tough San Francisco team and coming off of a bye week AND playing against the Rams defense, it's easy to say this is a favorable matchup. I don't think I need to say anything else.

Case Keenum ($6,100, HOU): Also coming off of a bye week, Case Keenum gets to go up against a not so solid Indy defense. Although he didn't put up any sort of mind-blowing numbers in his NFL debut, he did throw for 271 going up against a very tough Kansas City defense. For the price he's at, he's definitely worth it.

Jason Campbell ($6,100, CLE): I don't like his matchup as much as I do Keenum's, but after putting up 293 with 2 TDs and 0 INTs against the KC defense I think he's still of good value. You'll have to use your own judgement if you're deciding between Campbell vs. Keenum.

Josh Freeman ($5,800, MIN): Just kidding.

Running Back(s):

Ryan Mathews ($6,500, SD): After putting up 2 solid games in a row, Mathews gets to go up against a mediocre Washington team which has let up the most fantasy points to RBs so far this season. Expect him to put up more solid numbers this week.

Zac Stacy ($5,800, STL): Stacy's played 2 solid games in a row also and is going up against TEN in week 9. Rushing for 134 against the Seahawks last week you should expect to see a heavy does of Stacy again. Listed as probable, we could assume that he will play this week and have another great game and maybe....just maybe.... the Rams will get their first rushing TD on the season.

Wide Receiver(s):

Dwayne Bowe ($5,000, KC): Kansas City goes up against the Bills in what should be a complete blowout. The Bills rank last in fantasy points allowed to receivers this season so at his price, I think Bowe is worth it even though he hasn't shown much this season.

Lance Moore ($4,900, NO): Moore came back last week and had 3 receptions for 34 yards and 1 TD. With Marques Colston nowhere to be found, Moore and Stills should get a fair share against NYJ this weekend.

Denarius Moore ($4,900, OAK): The other Moore had a low-profile week against PIT last week, but has the benefit of the doubt while going up against PHI this week.

Tight End(s):

Antonio Gates ($6,000, SD): Gates has had a pretty quiet last couple of weeks after a quick start to the season. Coming off the bye week and playing the mediocre WAS secondary, I think Gates will get a majority of the looks from Philip Rivers this week and we'll see some flashes of the TE we know Gates actually is.

Jordan Reed ($5,600, WAS): After showing a potential in the Redskins game against CHI, Reed was a little more soft spoken against DEN the next week. The Skins go up against San Diego this week and even though they play well defending TEs, we know what Reed is capable of.

Tony Gonzalez ($5,400, ATL): Well... he's Tony Gonz and he's only $5,400 this week. Need I say more?

Kicker: Graham Gano ($5,000, CAR)
Defense: Tennessee Titans ($5,200)

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Fantasy Football Week 9 Stashes

With week 8 over and the trade deadline coming and going surprisingly silently, it's time to look to the future and work with what you got. At about the halfway point you might be disappointed with your fantasy team, but! don't worry. There's still enough time to turn your mediocre record into a solid second half run. Here's some players you could stash that could help in the long run....

Running Back(s):

***Stash of the Week***
Shane Vereen (NE): After suffering an injury and landing himself on the IR in week 1, Shane Vereen is finally ready to make a comeback in week 10. Having a very solid first game after coming in for the fumble ridden Stevan Ridley, Vereen has a chance to come back and steal his thunder yet again. Vereen is the runner that Ridley should be and the receiver they found in former Patriot, Danny Woodhead. I believe Vereen can come back and play a major role in the Patriot's offense and help you win some games. I like him in every league and love him in PPR leagues, so if he's there and you have the space, he's a no-brainer.

Andre Brown (NYG): Brown suffered a broken leg in the preseason, but has been practicing and is also ready to make a comeback from the IR in week 10. With a plethora of running backs including Brandon Jacobs, Peyton Hillis, and David Wilson, you may question why this is a good idea. Well it's simple, he's better than all 3 of them. Jacobs still obviously have some left in the tank and Hillis is starting to get his feet back under him, but neither of them post the threat that Brown can. The Giants will slowly work him back into their gameplan and once both are healthy, I believe you will see mostly Wilson and Brown in the backfield. With Wilson's case of fumbilitis, Coughlin will want to see someone who he can trust out there a majority of the time. Think of this as a potential Fred Jackson - CJ Spiller wombo combo, but not to that full caliber. Brown will play a nice role, but you still don't fully know what you're getting so make this a stash if you ABSOLUTELY need RB help and have the space for him.

Wide Receiver(s):

Percy Harvin (SEA): I'd be surprised if he's still available in your league, but if by some crazy chance he is, TAKE HIM. Harvin is consider questionable to play this weekend, but will be healthy soon enough if he does not. After losing Sidney Rice for the rest of the season, Harvin will be the absolute go to receiver for Russell Wilson. If you've watched this guy play before you should know why he's an obvious pickup and if you don't have room for him, make some.